Bird Veterinarian in Fort Worth, TX

Preventive Exams

Preventive exams on an annual basis help you monitor your bird’s overall health. Just like your dog or cat, your bird can benefit from a regular preventative beak-to-tail feathers physical exam. A physical exam at Ridglea West Animal Hospital includes a check of skeletal, respiratory, and cardiac systems with a limited neurological exam. In the preventative exam, you will have an opportunity to share and update us on any habitat and/or nutritional concerns you have. The smallest changes in the environment of your bird can have a large effect on their well-being. And yes, we do care for pet fowl-chickens, ducks, and geese.

Fort Worth, TX Bird Veterinarian

General Health Concerns

When necessary, we can perform many types of procedures to help with your bird’s care and health. We offer preventative health care for your bird. Some general concerns we deal with daily include:

  1. Well bird visits
  2. Nutritional consultations-many birds have limited their diets and suffer from issues resulting in inadequate nutrition
  3. Beak, wing and tail trims as needed
  4. Blood testing for wellness and disease
  5. Radiographs for diagnosis of injury or illness
  6. DNA testing to determine the sex of your bird

Care for Sick Birds

Birds hide sickness. It is important, as a pet parent, to know your bird’s “normal” behavior so you can recognize changes in their health. These changes can happen rapidly. When you see a change, it is important to seek medical help for your bird and have them examined. Our veterinarian can care for sick and injured birds.

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Bird Veterinarian in Fort Worth, TX