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Edgy Pets

With so many communities in “lock-down”, or “shelter-in-place”, or “stay-at-home mode” families and individuals are adjusting to a new routine and more togetherness. This change is new for us and it’s also new for our pets. Our pets are accustom to their own routine while we are gone all day. They move about the house as they like or rest in their crates. And it’s usually quiet.

Your pets may be excited to have you home but some of our pet parents are calling in to the Ridglea West Animal Hospital saying that Fluffy and Fido are edgy and nervous. They are behaving in unusually ways. Not only must you adjust yourself and your family to all this togetherness, you need to consider what’s happening to your pets.

Some general ideas to help them adjust include giving them their space. Cats might benefit from some time alone in their favorite room or giving them a box to hide or sit in. Dogs need their space, too. Let them spend some time in their crate even if you are home. Especially if you have young active children. Even small mammals like rabbits and ferrets can feel the change in the activity level in your home. Keep your pets on their regular feeding and treat schedule. Continue your normal exercise/walking routine with your dogs and your normal play-interaction time with all your pets.

There are nutraceuticals that can help with anxiety. These include things like Zylkene, Composure-Pro, and Solliquin. They are made of food based products like casein, tryptophan, and B vitamins These products have a calming effect on the body.

Have some fun with your family, make some popcorn, and watch The Secret Life of Pets II on Netflix. You’ll discover what they are really up to when you’re gone all day.