I have been a client of Dr. Verwers for almost forty years. I consider him a pediatrician. Over the years I have had many dogs. He specializes in preventative medicine in order to ensure that my dogs live long and very healthy lives. All of my dogs (several of which were large) have experienced longevity coupled with excellent health. He stays educated on new treatments and products that have assisted in the goal of healthy living. I trust him with the lives of my beloved dogs. I would highly recommend him to everybody.

Mary T.

Very kind receptionist and the veterinarian was informative and kind and informed us of any things to look out for. Would return.

Daniel W.

This place was 10x more efficient than any doctors office I’ve ever been to. They are considerate to all of the critters. We have found our forever vet.

Miranda C.

They were very prompt and very informative with their care. They took great care of our pet and made sure we were comfortable. They gave us all the information needed and listened to our concerns.

Carol J.

I took my classroom pet bearded dragon Thorsly here because I was concerned about him not eating vegetables. While I went there for that concern the doctor informed me that he was concerned that he might have a calcium deficiency. He took x-rays and sure enough he does. He did a side by side x-ray to show me Thorslys bones compared to a bearded dragon that had a normal amount of calcium. This place is amazing and they really care about your pets. Thorsly has a follow up appointment in 2 months.

Lashonda S.

I'm so glad I found this vet clinic. Luna our dog was treated wonderful and both vet and tech were helpful and answered all my questions. Also, love that they bathe pets last day of boarding. Highly recommend.

Angelica O.

Everyone at Ridglea West Animal Hospital are so helpful and caring. Doc does a great job at being straightforward about my animals needs and treating them well. I appreciate all that y'all do for my pets!

Lisa W.

The Vet was very knowledgeable and helpful for my nephews Guinea Pig. He even gave advice for my Senior Cat during the visit.

Heather V.

Thank goodness for Ridglea West Animal Hospital. Our puppy had hurts it's paw and the vet we had taken him too would not see us when I called. Called Ridglea West and they took us right in. We definitely will be going to Ridglea West from now on. Dr. Verwer's and his vet techs Tori, Linda and Barbara and everyone else there are awesome!

Kent S.

Their professionalism and creative ways of handling even high anxiety animals is wonderful. The entire staff were very well informed as well as empathetic to each of my animals' needs.

Chris T.
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