Ferret Veterinarian

Preventive Exams

As with dogs and cats, yearly preventative exams can catch problems early. Ferrets require yearly distemper and rabies vaccinations. They also can contract heartworm disease just like dogs and cats and should be on a heartworm preventative program. All this along with an intestinal parasite exam, make up our yearly exam for your ferret.

General Health Concerns

In the United States, ferrets generally come from a central breeder. They leave the breeder having been spayed or neutered and frequently with all the vaccines needed. It is important to make sure that your young ferret is completely vaccinated when you purchase him or her. There are some general health concerns with your ferret including:

  • Dietary insufficiencies
  • Adrenal insufficiencies
  • Spinal injuries
  • Respiratory disease

Care for Sick and Injured Ferrets

Ferrets frequently hide sickness. It is important, as a pet parent, to know your ferrets “normal” behavior so you can recognize changes in their health. These behaviors include eating and drinking habits and activity levels. These changes can happen rapidly. When you see a change, it is important to seek medical help for your ferret and have them examined. Our veterinarian can help you with the care of your ferret.