Pocket Pets Veterinarian

Pocket Pets

Pocket pets include Guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, Sugar Gliders, and hedgehogs-all little pets that “can fit in your pocket”. Typically, these pets have a shorter lifespan than our dogs and cats. But quality preventative care can give them their longest healthiest life. And sometimes they do require medical attention.

Preventive Exams

As with dogs and cats, regular preventative exams can catch problems with diet, habitat, and general health issues before they develop into major events. “Regular” can mean different amounts of time based on the type of pet. Ask our team for our recommendations for your pocket pet.

General Health Concerns

This group of pets has a wide range of health concerns. But some general ones across the board include:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Catching respiratory diseases from their pet parents
  • Feeding a proper diet
  • Establishing and maintaining a proper habitat
  • Lice and mites
  • Injuries from falls or other pets

More Specific Health Concerns

  • Guinea pig fights (yes, sometimes they just decide to do this)
  • Rat tumors
  • Sugar Glider nail trims

Care for Sick and Injured Pocket Pets

These small mammals frequently hide sickness. It is important, as a pet parent, to know your pet’s “normal” behavior so you can recognize changes in their health. These changes can happen rapidly. When you see a change, it is important to seek medical help for your pocket pet and have them examined. Our veterinarian can help you with the care of your pocket pet.